York West Developments

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Payment Methods

  • We find that most people prefer this method. It’s fast, secure and convenient. The process for e-mail transfers are as follows:

    1. Sign in to your on-line banking
    2. Select “transfers”
    3. Select “e-mail money transfers”
    4. You will be requested to provide an amount as well as an e-mail address. Send all payments to payments@yorkwestdevelopments.ca
    5. You must provide a security question
    6. Make sure that you provide us with the security answer to the question via a separate e-mail. Important* please do not include your security answer in the actual transfer. Send a separate e-mail with your security answer to payments@yorkwestdevelopments.ca
    7. Under notes or message, specify which property the payment is for.

  • Cash is accepted in person at the office or at the rental site. The leasing agent will have a receipt book to provide you with proof of payment.

    Office Address:
    173 Harbord Street
    Toronto, ON

  • Certified cheques or money order should be made payable to 913255 Ontario Inc.
  • Post dated cheques are requested prior to moving in to a unit. All cheques should be made payable to 913255 Ontario Inc. If you intend on paying monthly by money transfer, please notify the leasing agent so that it can be noted on your file.